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04 Oktober 2018

Whoopies Cookies


This sweet and colourful snacks are perfect to grab consumer’s attention

Ingredients A:


100 gr Confectioners Sugar    

½ tsp Fine Salt

2 Egg Yolk    

1 tsp Cookies Crispy Maker

1 Egg Whites

Ingredients B

375 gr Medium Protein Wheat Flour    

1 tsp Baking Powder

40 gr Ground Almond  

50 gr Full Cream Milk Powder

Ingredients C (for decoration)


60 cc White Eggs    

½ tsp Cream of  Tart

360 gr Icing Sugar    

1 tsp Lemon Water or Vinegar

How to Make Decoration:

Mix all ingredients, give colouring as desire

- Icing Plastic for decoration    

- White Chocolate for coating

How to Make Cookies:

1. Mix and shake ingredients A until rise, then mix ingredients B

2. Roll dough into 3 mm, make a shape

3. Bake for +/- 20 minutes in +/-140o C oven,  reduce the heat to +/- 120oC and bake again for + /- 15 minutes.

4. After the cookies done and cool, add decoration from ingredients C

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